Hot Weather Update- Thursday 28 June 2018

During this sunny weather we are working hard to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the pool, but both due to safety and enjoyment the numbers allowed in the pool at any time are always limited.

Please thank the fantastic volunteers on the door who are there to help free up lifeguards to enable more people to swim. If the person serving you is not in lifeguard uniform, they are a volunteer and they are wonderful for offering their time for free to help people enjoy the pool. Be nice to them so that they continue to help out in future as they keep our pool open for us all to swim in.

Thank you to those of you who have been patient waiting for space in the pool in busy General Swim times during this sunny weather. We are looking at whether we need to operate a band system to enable different people to swim in the pool at different times-call the pool if you are travelling far during this heatwave to check how busy it is.

Lane Swimming is still quiet even during the hot weather so if you would like a gentle swim without people playing in the pool, look on the timetable for those sessions. We have a lane swimming session 6 days per week!

Aquafit and the Ladies Swim also have lots of space so come down to try them out in this fantastic weather!

For more information please get in touch.