Make a splash with Ashburton Pool in 2019!

Do you have experience of leading a team, business or project?

Would you like the chance to share your expertise for the benefit of the community?

Could you lead our experienced and dedicated team of volunteers to develop Ashburton’s outdoor community pool as a vibrant place at the heart of our community?

Our current Chair is standing down, having taken on a new job in her professional life as a barrister, so we are looking for a new Chair, ideally from outside the current committee so as to bring in new experience and skills. The current board of trustees are a committed, engaged team who contribute varied professional skills (lawyer, engineer, teacher, architect, CEO), as well as having many community and social interests. We employ a part-time administrator and during the summer season we employ a team of  lifeguards and swimming instructors.

The key responsibilities of the role of Chair will be to:

-Chair committee meetings effectively and efficiently and ensure that the meetings are well planned and meaningful.

-Monitor and ensure that decisions taken at meetings are implemented.

-Take a strategic lead in improving our fantastic community pool to make it a sustainable and vibrant place for years to come.

Since 2016 our community pool has run by volunteers and our initial aim was to save the pool from closure and get things running. Now that we have three seasons under our belts, we want to look to the future, raise funds to improve the old changing rooms and develop the facilities to make the pool sustainable to keep it open for years to come. Could you help us make a difference?

Perhaps you swim at the pool and have ideas of how to improve it or are simply looking for a good way to use your skills for the benefit of the community, whatever your motivation, it would be good to hear from you.

You do not need experience of the leisure industry, although it may be useful if you have it, it is more important that you have the skills to manage projects and volunteers and the enthusiasm make things possible.

Email Sarah  at to arrange a time to chat so that you can find out more about the pool, the volunteers and the role of Chair.

If this role of Chair is not for you, but you want to help keep our pool open through volunteering, please also email Sarah ( to have a chat and get involved – thanks!

For more information please get in touch.