Ashburton Pool joins the plastic-free movement!

We have been awarded “Plastic Free Status” for reducing our use of single-use plastics at the pool, particularly a challenge as we cannot use glass or ceramics in the cafe because of the risk of them smashing around swimmers bare feet!

Heatherbelle Bates and Kate Humphries, both volunteers, focused avoiding plastic bottles in the cafe and offering a refill station for water, as well as increasing what we recycle locally and putting clearly marked recycling bins around the pool.  There are more changes planned.

Thank you so much to both of them for prioritizing this on top of all their other voluntary work behind the scenes for our community pool and to Catherine Mullin for her advice on how to make improvements.

You can check out our new pool mugs in the cafe, which are made from recycled materials, when you have hot drink at the pool.  They are also for sale for £5 and are great for camping, picnics or souvenirs!

Many shops and services in Ashburton are doing their best to reduce their use of single-use plastics as part of the Surfer’s Against Sewage initiative and it’s good to be part of the solution alongside others in our community.  If you are on Facebook, you can find out more about what the town is doing to go plastic-free at Plastic-free Ashburton.

For more information please get in touch.